The organisers of the Great Bason Fair said the event was a great success.

Terry Dowdeswell from the Bason Botanic Garden Trust said the Elizabethan-themed fair, held at the Bason Botanic Gardens on Sunday, attracted between 1500 and 2000 people.

The fair included craft stalls, food, archery, fencing, dance, music, and games.

"We're extremely pleased with how it went," Mr Dowdeswell said.


"Everything we wanted to achieve - a family event, where people bring their kids and have fun - all of that happened."

Mr Dowdeswell said there were many people who had never seen the gardens before.

"We got really excellent feedback that will hopefully assist us in doing more of these events."

All the attractions were popular, but particularly the fencing and the archers, Mr Dowdeswell said.

Warm, sunny weather meant the stalls selling coffee and icecream sold out.

"The weather was absolutely perfect."

Mr Dowdeswell said the Bason Botanic Gardens Trust had held the event to "test the waters".

"We will assess the event over the next few weeks.

The money raised would either go towards another similar event, or to the development of the gardens.