The Taihape A&P show nearly didn't happen this year, president Gail Larsen said.

Even though Ms Larsen loves her home town and will always go the extra mile to ensure community events are fabulous, sometimes it's all just too hard, she said.

Being A&P Show president is not something she wants to continue doing.

"But people aren't any longer that keen to put in their own time for the community. I really thought we'd never make it this year."


But the old saying "the show must go on" proved right.

The gates opened on Saturday, January 30, and the show went on at the Memorial Park at the "eleventh hour".

"We didn't have have such a large turnout as last year but there was still a lot of energy and good stuff happening."

The agricultural celebration was, as always, an opportunity for the area's kids to see the side shows and go on the fair rides.

"Most of them don't get out of town much so this is a fun day."

But Ms Larsen is still thinking of chucking it in.

"I'd just love someone else to step up as president. I need a break. Anyway I've already started planning next year, I can't help myself."