Taihape seniors' group Older and Bolder co-ordinator Betty Tierney admits life is full with community plans for older people in the town and says it's rewarding, worthwhile and always fun.

As well as organising an abundance of exciting trips away, she is also heading the Aged Care CarFit programme.

On February 25 at St David's Church in Huia St older people are invited to come along in their cars and get checked out by a couple of experts, she said.

"These men will check each person's car and adjust safety features like the height of the steering wheel and the mirrors to ensure all is safe and well."


Mrs Tierney said each person will drive their car past the foyer of the church then stop for a full safety check.

"It's really worth having, especially as some people have bought newer cars and are not completely sure about all the features."

The Aged Care CarFit programme starts at 11am.

Coming up for Older and Bolder members was an overnight trip to Wellington on March 3 and 4, she said.

"We're visiting Government House then staying overnight at a hotel in the middle of the city. We've got a set menu for dinner then everyone can go for a walk around the city."

The next day the group will visit Parliament Buildings before heading back on the bus to Taihape.

"We have to do an overnight trip these days because most can't cope with going up and back in the same day."

The group is also off later this month on a relaxing one-day picnic about 45 minutes from Taihape at Pukeokahu, east of the town.

"It's a beautiful spot beside the river and we're having entertainment as well by a couple of local singers."

In May there is a high tea booked at The Chateau for Mother's Day, she said.

"But before that we'll be off to see Dusty, the musical by the Taihape Drama Club which opens in April. So that's the first half of our year sorted."