Whanganui schools are beginning to add the "h" to their name.

Wanganui Girls' College announced last week that it would now be known as "Whanganui Girls' College" and Wanganui High School, Wanganui Intermediate and Wanganui City College principals have confirmed that they will also be adding the "h". Whanganui East School is well ahead of the pack, having received approval from the Ministry of Education to change their name in July last year.

Principal Eleanore Barry said the paperwork and signage took a while to catch up, and the first sports uniforms with the new logo were available this year.

Wanganui City College principal Peter Kaua said the school board of trustees was in favour of adding the "h" and it would just be a matter of completing the formalities. The Wanganui High School board of trustees also voted to adopt the "h" last year and principal Garry Olver said the school had already been using it on awards and correspondence.


Wanganui Intermediate School principal Charles Oliver said the school board of trustees were also unanimous in their decision to add the "h".

"It is an old spelling mistake and we are a school, so we should not have a spelling mistake in our name," he said.

Wanganui Collegiate principal Chris Moller said he was unwilling to comment at this stage on a name change.

And while the organisation that runs the school is the Wanganui Collegiate School Board of Trustees, the entity in charge of the boarding facility is the Whanganui College Board of Trustees.