The power tools are out and people power has been engaged.

The Bulls seven-day makeover moved into its implementation phase last week with projects under way in the CBD.

The makeover kicked off last Monday with an ideas workshop at the Bulls Town Hall.
Out of that came specific projects to be built over the remainder of the week.

The work was carried out on the corner of Bridge St and Criterion St, and the surrounds of the information centre across the road. Decking and a refurbishment of picnic tables will spruce up the area along with the installation of plants.


There is also an art project being worked on behind the information centre.
The work is being carried out by volunteers and led by David Engwicht of Creative Communities who has worked with the Rangitikei District Council for the past couple of years on town centre development.

The Rangitikei District Council initiative brings people in the community together to plan and create place-making projects aimed at freshening up the town centre. The council had $5000 set aside for the makeover.

Bulls Community Committee member Heather Thorby said the great thing about the project was the involvement of residents in the planning.

"It's reflective of what the community wants," she said.

"I think it's really good from the council to be pro-active. Little communities need all the help they can possibly get. It builds that bond within a community."

The makeover continued over the weekend. A similar makeover begins in Marton on Monday.