A woman has walked out of her car after a "spectacular" crash in Whanganui on Monday night.

Emergency services were called to Bell St after a car left the road near the Guyton St intersection and somehow landed in a driveway.

The vehicle crossed the road and narrowly missed a parked vehicle before taking out a fence, Whanganui Fire senior station officer Bryce Coneybeer said. The car then went across a yard before landing in a driveway between two home units, facing towards the road.

"It must have been very spectacular," Mr Coneybeer said. "One of them had tyre marks on the spouting, so the car's bounced that high."


The crash happened about 11.30pm on Monday when car was travelling along Bell St intersection towards Dublin St.

The woman was the sole occupant of the car and no other vehicles were involved.

Mr Coneybeer said the woman was taken to hospital but was walking. The airbags had gone off in the car.

"They would've taken a lot of the impact."

A woman who was one of the first on the scene turned around after hearing a bang. "It was incredibly loud," she said.

"They were just driving along and sort of spun out. It crashed through a fence and leapt over a drop, and it kind of ended up in the side of someone's garage."

All three emergency services attended.