Some hefty and magnificent fish were caught in the weekend's Wanganui-Manawatu Sea Fishing Club annual contest, committee member Jane Laugesen says.

The contest spanned three days, but fishing was impossible on Saturday because it was too rough. The fishing on Sunday from 6am to 4pm and Monday from 6am to noon made up for that.

"It was very successful. It all ran smoothly and we were impressed by the fish too."

There were $30,000-worth of prizes given out, and fish caught in every one of the prize categories.


Jamie Newell got a 3.5kg crayfish, and Seamus Murphy's winning kingfish weighed in at 17.3kg. The heaviest snapper was 8.8kg.

Some fish were caught, photographed and released. Others were brought on shore and auctioned at the club's Wharf St base yesterday. One crayfish fetched a price of $180.

The contest had 240 anglers in 75 boats, and the fishing was so good that some were loath to return to shore at midday yesterday for the weigh-in.