Miriam and Kevin Williamson believe they have found the perfect place for their retirement and it is not because Whanganui is a quiet place - on the contrary there is a lot going on here.

The couple moved from Katikati in the Bay of Plenty at the end of last year and Kevin said it was the attractive real estate prices that first drew their interest.

From their new home in Putiki Drive, the Williamsons enjoy their view of the Whanganui River and reflect on the good experiences of the past few weeks.

The couple have been attending Summer Programme activities and the Opera Week finale - Great Opera Moments at the Wanganui Opera House.


"We have discovered a very nice place and we keep discovering more reasons to like being here," said Kevin.

The couple have led full lives and both have wide interests which, they say, are well catered for in Whanganui.

Miriam has degrees in zoology and organic chemistry and was a teacher during her early working years.

"I found that I didn't enjoy it - it wasn't for me and I preferred laboratory work," she said.

Miriam worked in the laboratories of MeadowLea and Agro Nutrition before retirement and Kevin has worked intermittently as an art teacher in primary and secondary schools.

"When I was a young teacher, an older mentor told me it was good to take breaks from teaching and try other things so I could come back with a fresh outlook," said Kevin.

Taking the advice, Kevin worked in a range of occupations from working in a cardboard mill in Whakatane to boatbuilding and spent some years as a photojournalist.

The Williamsons share a love of the outdoors and both practised field archery for many years with Kevin teaching archery at high schools and coaching national teams.

They both enjoy photography and have joined the Wanganui Camera Club.

One thing the couple do not share is their taste in musical genres - Miriam loves classical music and is pleased to be living in a city that has a venue like the Wanganui Opera House.

Kevin's taste is modern music - he has played guitar in a number of bands and one of his many hobbies has been building guitars.

Miriam creates embroidered portraits and cushion covers but she said she would not be exhibiting or selling her work any time.

"They take so long to finish, I can't imagine putting a price on them or parting with them," she said.

Kevin will be joining the Lions Club once the transfer from his Katikati branch is complete. The couple both enjoy Tai Chi and have already arranged to meet with Whanganui practitioners.