A man who threatened to kill someone while brandishing a sharpened stick and what looked to be a knife is in prison following the crime.

Antonio Conan Hawea-Edwards went to the victim's house three times on Christmas Day.

The first two of those times he was "escorted from the address after having verbal confrontations with the victim".

The house had three young children in it, said Judge David Cameron at Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.


The third time, Hawea-Edwards showed up and began yelling verbal abuse outside the house and "swearing at the top of his voice".

He was also punching and kicking the victim's front gate, Judge Cameron said.

The victim and his partner went outside to peer at Hawea-Edwards over the fence, and upon seeing them he became angry and started yelling: "I'm going to kill you."

The victim called police.

Hawea-Edwards then moved to the middle of the road while holding a sharpened stick about a metre in length.

He was "bouncing around, yelling 'come on, bro, I'm gonna kill you'", Judge Cameron said.

He also pulled a "knife-type object" from his pocket.

Verbal abuse was exchanged before Hawea-Edwards ran down the road and got in the passenger seat of a car.

The car was stopped by police.

Hawea-Edwards pleaded guilty to threatening to kill and possessing an offensive weapon.

Judge Cameron sentenced him to three months and two weeks in prison and remitted Hawea-Edwards' $10,684 in unpaid fines, substituting them for one week of his prison sentence.