Some enterprising Whanganui children are selling lemonade to raise money for their favourite charity Birthright these holidays.

Madeleine, Phoebe and TK Doble along with their friend Addison O'Leary have set up a stall in front of their house in Balgownie Ave.

TK said he has been reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney and it gave him the idea.

"The book even has the recipe in it," he said.


Twin sister Phoebe said they decided they should donate the money rather than keep it for themselves because that would be "just rude."

"We got plenty for Christmas and we don't really need anything so we want to help Birthright because they help children."

They are also selling fresh eggs from their own chickens, bags of lollies and chocolates as well as candy canes.

Madeleine said they had used up the lemons from their own tree and a friend had supplied them with three more bags.

"We are well stocked up now so people who are feeling thirsty when they go past can stop and have a cool drink."

Mum Alex Doble said she was proud of the children for coming up with the idea themselves and wanting to help others.

"I'm a single parent and Birthright has helped us out before so they are aware of the work they do."

The stall will be open again tomorrow from 11am until 2pm and a refreshing drink costs 50 cents.