Wanganui residents could be forgiven for thinking winter had returned to the city yesterday morning.

MetService meteorologist Georgina Griffiths said the temperature dropped to 1.8C in the city around 6am.

Light frosts were reported in inland suburbs, such as Aramoho and Wanganui East, and both MtRuapehu and Mt Taranaki were sporting fresh coverings of snow.

However, Ms Griffiths said, yesterday was not the coldest November morning experienced in Wanganui - it was the sixth coldest.


"But another way to look at it is that it is unusual, since only one morning in every six years, on average, will yield a temperature lower than this during November."

Wanganui's record low for November is 0.9C, recorded in November 2012.

The good news is Wanganui can expect a fine and mild weekend, followed by warm weather, Ms Griffiths said.

"Next week, we see an unusually warm week across the country, and this includes some very mild temperatures for Wanganui."