The Wanganui Girls' College held a bake-off competition between teachers and students last week to see who could come up with the most visually appealing and best-tasting dishes.

Cup cakes in cones, bloody Halloween fingers and tiny shortbread All Blacks clutching almond rugby balls were just some of the sweet treats in the contest.

Year 13 Dean Nina Barbezat said the idea came about for a bit of a fun competition between staff and year 13 students.

"We run challenges during the year that are sporting and this is a way for the less sporty to get involved.


Judges did not know which dishes were baked by students and which ones were produced by teachers.

The unbiased judges were Wanganui Intermediate teacher Dawn Duncum, a Whanganui Chronicle reporter and photographer and Wanganui Girls' College Assistant principal Prabh Mokha.

"Winners were a fabulous chocolate and mandarin tart by Mr Paul Collins and a chocolate, caramel, salted peanut slice by Mrs Renee Cox," said Ms Barbezat.

While the teachers won the day, the students reportedly enjoyed the competition and getting to eat the entries afterwards.

Ms Barbezat said all of the produce was sold off to raise money for the upcoming senior graduation at the Wanganui Memorial Centre.