A phone scam victim has had their bank accounts "aggressively" emptied after giving scammers access to their computer.

Shane Nottage from Spark said scammers seemed to have an "asserted campaign" targeting Wanganui residents.

Scammers would call up saying they were from Spark and ask for access to the victim's computer to "fix" it.

At the time he was speaking to the Chronicle, Mr Nottage said six people had called Spark in the previous 48 hours to say they had been targeted by the scam.


"Some actually said they actually have given those people access to their computers," he said.

"In one particular case their bank accounts have actually been emptied."

He said the victims were "hit quite aggressively".

People were also being "bombarded, literally hour after hour" with scam callers claiming to be representing various companies.

Mr Nottage stressed Spark employees would not call people and ask for access to their computers.

A post on the Spark Wanganui Facebook page said Spark employees would never ask people to visit a specific website and click on a link or ask for access to their computer.

"These people will hold your computer to ransom or hack your bank account. If in doubt ask the person to hold while you call your local Spark store to verify their identity. Then call us 063482276."