The Bonny Glen landfill expansion has been given the go-ahead.

The landfill's owners, Midwest Disposals has been granted all resource consents to expand the operation.

The decision, released yesterday afternoon, granted the consents for 35 years with land use consents in perpetuity.

It means the size and life of Bonny Glen, near Marton, will increase significantly over the next four decades. The capacity will increase almost five-fold.


In their decision commissioners said the Bonny Glen site had favourable features for a landfill.

"While it may be no comfort to neighbours of the landfill, the site is rural and the land around it is only sparsely settled," the decision said.

"Although there were many protestations about the proposed expansion of Bonny Glen from submitters opposed to the applications, we consider most of the relevant concerns raised can be addressed via the robust conditions on which the consents are granted."

Under the new consents, leachate from the landfill will have to be enclosed in tanks and the open face of the site will be covered daily to reduce odour and litter.

The commissioners said it was essential site stability was investigated before the expansion was constructed. There needed to be certainty in major events such as earthquakes.

Another condition was to the formation of a Community Liaison Group and a Landfill Community Trust.

Commissioners said Midwest needed to become "more proactive and transparent in their communications with the community in which they exist".

The majority of public submitters were against the proposal and questioned the effect the landfill would have on property values in the area, the effect of leachate from the dump on the Marton wastewater system and the effect of increased truck traffic on roading.


But the concerns were later deemed outside the scope of the consent hearing by the commissioners.

Midwest general manager Paul Mullinger could not be contacted yesterday afternoon for comment.

The decision brings to an end a long process which has faced heavy opposition from residents, especially nearby landowners.

Public submissions closed last year and a resource consent hearing was held in Feilding in February where independent commissioners heard from Midwest and submitters.

A history of Bonny Glen:

-Original consent issued in 1993 to Rangitikei District Council who began operating Bonny Glen in 1995.


-In 1999 consent was granted for Bonny Glen to accept waste from outside the region.

-In 2000 Midwest Disposals Ltd took over the landfill in a joint venture between EnviroWaste Services Ltd and Waste Management New Zealand.

-2007 Midwest first detailed plans to expand the landfill.

-Its current capacity is 2.7millioncu/m and without expansion is expected to be full by 2025.

-The new consents would increase capacity to 12.7million cu/m.

-Five of the resource consents are with with Horizons for land use, permission to discharge storm water to surface water, discharge solid waste, leachate and contaminants to land and contaminants to air. The other consent is with RDC to extend the existing landfill.