Say hello to Sport Whanganui.

At the organisation's annual meeting last Friday, the board of what had been known as Sport Wanganui voted unanimously to add the "H" to its name.

Effective from December 12, the sporting organisation that serves the Wanganui, Rangitikei and Ruapehu regions in all matters sport will be known as Sport Whanganui.

Chairman John Unsworth said the name change was "about respect".


"To do so was a proper recognition of not only the correct spelling of Whanganui, but also to recognise the clear sentiments and desires of Te Runanga O Tupoho, Te Atihaunui-A-Paparangi," Mr Unsworth said.

"Sport Whanganui has formed good working relationships with Whanganui iwi, most obviously in its joint venture to operate the Inspire Whanganui Health and Fitness Centre but also in other initiatives through the region."

Danny Jonas, Sport Whanganui chief executive, said the change acknowledged the organisation's working relationships and the maturing of the its understanding of the significance and importance to iwi.

"To embrace this decision truly reflects our commitment and respect," he said.

Meanwhile, Adrian Rurawhe says he will write to the Wanganui District Council asking it to reconsider its decision not to ask the NZ Geographic Board to put an "H" into the spelling of the district.

"I just want to encourage them to show some leadership," Labour's Te Tai Hauauru MP said.

But he may not need to write that letter, with the debate back on the agenda at tomorrow's district council meeting and the numbers apparently in favour of the "H".

Mr Rurawhe said the use of the "H" was becoming more common.


"I heard a radio advert the other day that said 'Whanganui, with an H'," he said.

"I thought it was a good way forward what was being proposed."

He said comments from some people about the issue had been extreme.

"Some people just lose focus of being reasonable. I don't think that's very helpful for the community."

Mr Rurawhe said the "H" was about giving meaning to the name of the district.

"Whanganui without the 'H' actually doesn't have a meaning."