Former concert pianist Helen Gordon is excited and thrilled this weekend will be all about music in Taihape.

The two-day event Alive Rangitikei led by Wellington music teacher, community musician and Wellington Community Choir director Julian Raphael closes with a combined concert in Taihape on Saturday night at 6.30pm at the Taihape Area School.

Mrs Gordon said it will be a truly remarkable night, with the Turakina Maori Girls' College choir, the James Cook School Choir (from Marton), the Taihape Arcadian Choir led by Mrs Gordon and some original music by young Taihape musician and composer Joshua George.

Joshua is in the band Faith, which won Taihape's Got Talent a week ago.


"A concert has to be right. It's a lot of work but I have a marvellous committee helping me."

At 84, being the organiser of this large event does not deter Mrs Gordon in the least.

"Not at all. Music is my life it always has been."

Raphael is a community musician with 30 years' experience as a music leader, composer and arranger.

He works mostly with young children, students and adults and will bring to each group or occasion a love and understanding of the music of the world's cultures.

Mrs Gordon (QSM) said the concert won't be long but will be beautiful. "It will be a most memorable night I know it."