A mother and her young daughter were lucky to escape serious injury after their vehicle was hit by another car which failed to stop at a Castlecliff intersection yesterday.

The incident happened about 1.30pm, when the driver of a Ford Falcon drove through a give-way sign in Bamber St and hit the other vehicle.

Constable Trevor Scarrow of Whanganui Police said the woman and her daughter were not injured but badly shaken.

"The other vehicle simply didn't stop. The woman tried to follow in her car, but the other car left at high speed," Mr Scarrow said.


He said the offending car, driven by a male Caucasian, was a dark green 1990s Ford Falcon and was estimated to have reached speeds of 120km/h as it raced away from the crash scene through Castlecliff streets.

"Both vehicles were damaged and we know the Falcon will have significant damage to its left front side," Mr Scarrow said.

He said the car headed down Bamber St and along Polson St before turning into Mosston Rd and driving toward the city.

"From what witnesses have told us, the way the vehicle was being driven someone could have been killed. We want to find that driver and get him off the road."

Anyone who may have seen the accident or witnessed the dark green Ford Falcon in the area is asked to call Whanganui Police (349 0600) or phone Mr Scarrow (021 191 5498) and leave a message.