A comfort stop in Wanganui proved very uncomfortable for a 19-year-old photography student who emerged from the loo to find her bus had gone - and with it $3000 worth of camera gear.

Emily Fawkner's brief stop last month at the toilet by the Wanganui information centre in Taupo Quay while travelling on a service run by the Nakedbus company went horribly wrong, and the story will feature on TVNZ's Fair Go tonight.

Ms Fawkner, who is in her first year of a four-year degree course at Massey University in Wellington, was heading back to Wellington from New Plymouth when she found herself stranded in the River City.

When she eventually made it to Wellington and caught up with the bus, her photographic equipment was gone.


She ended up in a dispute with Nakedbus which was only resolved after the intervention of the popular television consumer affairs programme.

Miss Fawkner said her tutors had been very understanding while she coped with the loss of her camera, flash, lenses and filters, but she was still weeks behind with her studies.

"It's definitely set me back and I've had to get extensions for all my classes. All my friends are on holiday now, but I'm still working."