Steve and Shirley McGinity of Bulls have always taken their eight children to McDonald's but say they won't be getting a fast food treat until the company sorts out its meat supplier ANZCO.

The ANZCO CMP Rangitikei plant at Marton supplies McDonald's with its meat patties but Mr McGinity is one of the union members who has been locked out of the Marton plant for more than a month.

The 100 meat workers' union members were locked out on October 19 for refusing to accept pay cuts, shift changes and reductions in allowances.

Yesterday, Mr and Mrs McGinity had three of their children at a march for mediation, which finished outside a McDonald's outlet in Palmerston North.

Mr McGinity, a leading hand in the yard on night shift, said he was a hard worker and did not want to be standing around.


"We've always taught our kids it's important to work hard and not to let others carry the load. But we've also taught them if you work hard you should get paid hard," he said.

His wife is a full-time mother who home schools her children, and she said it was good the family was standing together in the ongoing dispute.