Calling all young and young at heart, get your hoodies on and celebrate young people for today is United Nations International Youth Day.
This year New Zealand Aotearoa Adolescent Health and Development teamed up with Age Concern to bridge the generation gap and take back the hoodie with "Goodie in a Hoodie" day
The NZAAHD are hoping hoodie day will help people look beyond the stereotype attached to hoodies and see the "goodie" underneath.
Age Concern president Liz Baxendine said Age Concern was getting behind the cause to support young people, who had more in common with the elderly than they might think.
"Older people and young people have a lot in common. We both face stereotypes based on our age rather than our real achievements and outlook on life."
Age Concern Wanganui manager Tracy Lynn said she encouraged other workplaces to get behind the concept and help melt away the barriers between young and old.
"We'll throw out the challenge to people to wear their hoodies and raise some money, we've got to destigmatise the hoodie and see it for what it is. Everyone wears them."
"We need to take the hoodie back!"
Wanganui Age Concern staff will wear their hoodies to work today, and Mrs Lynn is encouraging other workplaces to hold their own hoodie days.
"Just wear your hoodie and make a gold coin donation or something like that. I'd be happy to be the collector for anyone who does get behind it. We'll arrange to send it off." 
Ten per cent of the proceeds from hoodie day will go to Age Concern. People can also donate online at