Welcome to retirement, your new lifestyle.

Welcome, too, to this publication where we aim to bring you tips and information to help
you optimise this exciting new time. If you're here, no doubt you've already thought deeply about the big changes this stage of your life will bring.

Deciding to 'take' retirement is many things -aprivilege, a right, a well deserved reward and cause for congratulations and celebration.

Many have done the planning and made changes before throwing in their job to enjoy late
middle age before old age creeps up.


But not everyone has to think about how to manage their retirement funds, whether the
home is mortgage-free, to downsize, make a lifestyle change or are free of caring for
independents. Their choices are more limited.

For many retirees who have worked hard, there hasn't been enough left over to build a nest egg and 'super' could be the first guaranteed income they've had for years. For others, retirement might only mean reaching the age of 65 and switching benefits.

For everyone, though, it's still a milestone - so congratulations.

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