Lisa Lyford answers our readers' questions on personal styling.

I have huge calves and ankles. I would love to wear a skirt to work. Any ideas?

The best thing to do is draw attention away from your calves and ankles and up to your top half, which is no doubt fab. Wear colours, patterns and accessories up top so when people look at you, that's what they focus on. It's also best to wear a plain skirt, style, pattern and texture wise, again so people focus on your top half.

Ensure your hemline does not finish at the widest part of your leg. For example, if you are slim at the knee area, this is the best place to have your hem, not at your calves.

In cooler months, wearing dark or complementary-coloured tights or pantyhose can help, too.


Avoid shoes with ankle straps; this only draws attention to your ankles and cuts off the visual line of your leg.

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