The Whangamatā Multisport Club has been approved to manage, service and operate the Whangamatā Information Centre from July 1.

The club's principal activity is developing a mountain bike park locally. Management and operation of the information centre will be led by Whangamatā Multisport Club general manager Richard White, supported by wife Lynne White and daughter-in-law Rachel Forbes.

Richard has an extensive business background working with high-growth start-ups, SMEs and exporters. He was previously employed by NZ Trade and Enterprise and prior to that in the commercial and corporate banking field.

He was trade commissioner to India from 2012 - 2015.


Rachel has a background in project and event management, marketing and sponsorship.

She has worked in London and is passionate about tourism. She says she believes the visitor centre has the potential to play a significantly more pivotal role in the Whangamatā community.

Their vision is to deliver on the potential that exists to create a community hub that is open, collaborative and supportive to all businesses and stakeholders.