Tziporah Salamon's Ageless and Original Style

Tziporah Salamon. Picture / Supplied

"Teacher/Model/Fashion Consultant/Actress/Bill Cunningham's Muse"

So reads the Instagram bio of Tziporah Salamon, the 67-year-old who has become known for her striking ensembles, love of prints and wardrobe of fabulous hats. Now she can add author to that list, with her new book The Art of Dressing: Ageless, Timeless, Original Style.

In the guide — Tziporah resplendent in purple on the cover — she shares her own approach to dressing up, as well as showcasing 10 other stylish and interesting women over the age of 50. The result is a celebration of personal style with practical tips for developing your own — no matter your age or tastes. Of her own relationship with fashion, she writes, “At my essence, the core of my being, my one consistent characteristic that I dress.”

Based in New York, where she gets around on a Bianchi Milano bicycle so more people can see her outfits, Tziporah met the late street-style photographer Bill Cunningham in the 80s when he began taking pictures of her various bold looks. Her style has since caught the attention of photographer Ari Seth Cohen, who featured her in his 2014 film Advanced Style, and French fashion house Lanvin who cast her in their 2012 campaign.

For more than 15 years Tziporah has also hosted styling seminars, helping others with “The Art of Dressing” — for her, the key is helping women over the age of 50 enjoy fashion and clothes.

“We think we should only be making time for the ‘grown-up’ things in our lives — children, grandchildren, partners, career, the house,” she told the Telegraph earlier this year. “What I hope you will see from the women in this book, is that for them, great style is the least of it. They are all so much more than their style, but having a personal look is an important part of who they are too.”

The Art of Dressing: Ageless, Timeless, Original Style, by Tziporah Salamon. $90, published by Rizzoli New York.

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