Actor & Influencer Britt Scott Clark's Beauty Routine

By Janetta Mackay
Britt Scott Clark can count actor, poet and influencer among her accomplishments. Photo / Supplied

In a departure from a television career that is just what the doctor ordered Britt Scott Clark is branching out onto the big screen in a role as a bride in a world premiere to be shown at this month’s Show Me Shorts Film Festival.

A regular on the popular Australian television series Doctor Doctor, playing Mia Halston for two seasons, before that Britt had a eye-catching stint on local favourite Shortland Street. She played tearaway teenager Millie Hutchins who conned her way into breast enlargement surgery, before her on-screen father went ballistic. Along the way came stage productions, including in Sit On It which was part of Auckland Theatre Company's Next Big Thing Festival. Her work with comedic trio Viva La Dirt League and their epic web series Epic NPC Man helped build her online cult following playing Warrior Woman and bored as The Hot Chick.

In between acting, a spot of modelling and maintaining her Instagram presence, Britt also found time to publish a collection of poetry called Gravity and Her Kingdoms. Catch her at the short film festival in One Hundred and Twenty Seconds directed by Connor Slattery. Check out the lineup of local and international entries that will be shown in cinemas across the country from October 5 to 24 at

Selfie assurance
I feel selfie-assured when I'm my happiest. So when I'm spending time with my loved ones, when I've drunk enough water, been self-reflective, when I've been doing the things I'm passionate about. I think all of that shows up in the way you look.

Beauty advice
SPF. Get to know your sunblocks, make friends with them and wear them because even when the sun isn't out it's still there.

Britt swears by sunblock as a beauty must-have. Photo / Supplied
Britt swears by sunblock as a beauty must-have. Photo / Supplied

Makeup memories
I remember seeing glitter in drama class when I was really young. It was meant to decorate spirit sticks, I think? I distinctly remember wanting to put it on my face.

Beauty evolution
My beauty routines have become much more skincare focused since I was a teenager. I spent a LOT of time in high school hiding behind eyeliner and not taking care of my skin.

Best and worst looks
In real life I went through this really bad box dye phase from [age] 15 to 18, that truly haunts my scalp to this day. Never again. In character: I had a few dirty, greasy days on Shortie as Millie and I also got to try out bangs as Mia on Doctor Doctor, that was really fun.

Tricks of the trade
Hydration is so important when it comes to making the rest of your makeup look fresh and beautiful. I need to put on a really hydrating moisturiser before I apply my foundation or my face looks like the Sahara.

Everyday routine
The only things that change from morning to night are the serums I use. In the morning I use a vitamin C serum and at night I use retinol (vitamin A). Other than that it's a basic: cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Britt's five favourite products. Photo / Supplied
Britt's five favourite products. Photo / Supplied

Five favourites
1. Ren Evercalm gentle cleansing milk: This feels great on the skin and it's really good for sensitive skin.
2. Medik8 retinol vitamin A serum: I pop it on at night and wake up with skin that looks really radiant and plump.
3. Mecca Cosmetica's 'To Save Face' SPF 50+ sunscreen: I love sunscreen, I wear it every single day even if I'm just popping out to the shops. This one is such a dreamy texture and it protects my skin without fail.
4. Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque: Smells unbelievable and always leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy
5. Jadah 101 nights: This perfume is so beautiful. I picked it up in a Balinese spa and it makes me feel so fancy and mysterious.

Day to night tip
The classic lipstick and earring switcheroo should do the job.

Hair and its care
My hair has dealt with A LOT. Bleach, dye, heat and years in the modelling industry. Products with lots of moisturising properties and nourishing oils are my favourite. The occasional Olaplex treatment at my favourite salon Hair at Boston is also a treat.

Treatment to try
I'm in love with the DMK enzyme facial. I get mine at FaceTime skin clinic. The results are amazing.

Beauty is...
About taking time to practice self-love. During my beauty routines is where I take time to acknowledge how I'm feeling within myself and where I give myself space to relax. It is experimental and fun.

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