8 Ingestible Beauty Products To Ensure You’re Good To Glow, From The Inside Out

By Ashleigh Cometti
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The wellness industry has come a long way since the advent of gag-inducing wheatgrass shots and slugging back ominous-looking dark green juices in the pursuit of healthier insides and a glowing complexion.

Claiming to support healthy skin from the inside out, today the realm of ingestible beauty stretches far and wide  ranging from skincare supplements and collagen-loaded beauty bites, to potent sleep-promoting elixirs and glow-boosting potions.

As the name suggests, ingestible beauty products are ones designed to be physically taken, and are most often geared towards a specific concern  be it thinning hair, dull and dehydrated skin or brittle nails (sometimes all three).

Many boast the added benefit of boosting one’s overall health, too, by topping up the body’s nutrient stores.

Designed to support (not replace) a healthy, balanced diet loaded with plenty of fresh fruit and leafy greens, the newest wave of ingestible beauty options taste far yummier than they sound.

Nor should these skincare supplements replace topical products like sunscreen or serums. Topical products help to care for superficial layers, while ingestible beauty gets to work on a deeper level  balancing your gut, promoting a healthy immune system and encouraging beauty from the inside out.

Below, eight ingestible beauty products that taste as good as they promise to make your skin look (not to mention look pretty in your pantry or fancy up your fridge).

Good Sh*t Soda, $5 

“Healthy bowels start with healthy guts. So, by helping people get a third of their daily fibre, we like to think we’re supporting bowel health awareness every day,” says founding company Poptimist of this pre- and probiotic soda. While not specifically a beauty product, Poptimist says Good Sh*t is helping people make their insides a beautiful place by supporting a healthy gut microbiome with 1 billion Bacillus coagulans probiotics in every can of Good Sh*t. “We know that getting your gut microbiome right has all kinds of follow-on health benefits. It’s all about bacteria,” Poptimist says of the soda, which comes in four delicious flavours – cola, berry, ginger and citrus.

My Morning Mantra Immunity Fizz Sticks 30pk, $50  

Fizz sticks have received a bad rap in recent years for their link to a certain MLM scheme, but My Morning Mantra is here to shift the stigma with its three-strong range of nutrient-laden sticks. Designed to support healthy immune system function with its blend of essential nutrients and vitamins including selenium, zinc and iron, My Morning Mantra Immunity Fizz Sticks are available in mandarin or raspberry flavour, with a strawberry-flavoured version geared towards little ones aged 4 and over.

Two Islands Nightcap, $59  

If you have trouble falling (and staying asleep), then Two Islands latest addition could be just the ticket to catching more zzz’s. The natural, herbal elixir contains trademarked ingredient Safr’Inside Saffron to help quiet the mind and alleviate the day’s stresses, while adaptogen ashwagandha is said to soothe the nervous system and help the body unwind. Flanked by renowned sleep supporters passionflower and tart cherry, take 5mls of this powerful blend one hour before sleep, and take another 5mls upon waking in the night.

Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites, $4 each

A brush with diabetes in her early 20s inspired Keira Rumble to dive into the world of nutrition to better understand the link between sugar and poor health  and her findings saw her lift the veil on many “healthy alternatives” to sugar-laden treats that were, despite their claims, anything but. From her Bondi Beach bedroom Keira founded Krumbled Foods in 2017, to appeal to those who wanted to “eat” their skincare routine. Each bite is said to boost collagen levels and combat the physical signs of ageing, restore skin hydration, elasticity and firmness, all while promoting a healthy gut. Available in six flavours that sound naughty (but aren’t), including Apple Cinnamon, White Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon Coconut, Trip Choc Chip, Salted Caramel and Choc Cherry Coconut.

Thea Matcha Coconut Collagen Powder Energy Blend, $68

For a mid-morning pick-me-up minus the jitters a shot of coffee can bring, consider making the switch to matcha. Here, premium-grade organic matcha powder is blended with bovine collagen, organic coconut milk powder, vitamin C and a dash of vanilla to support healthy joints, bones and skin. Not to mention it tastes delicious when blended with hot water, frothed milk or your favourite baking recipe (provided it’s less than 180C and under 20 minutes cooking time).

Jeuneora Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Super Powder, $77 

Nothing eases the transition to dreamland quite like a hot cup of cocoa, and no one understands this better than Jeuneora, which was inspired by the nighttime tradition when dreaming up its newest sleep offering. The decadent hot chocolate super powder is designed to support the body’s rest, repair and restore phase overnight thanks to its blend of adaptogenic mushrooms and pistachio extract and fair-trade cocoa.

Clinicians ReJuvenate With Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid, $53 

Skin looking a little lacklustre? Clinicians claims its ReJuvenate soft gels help wind back the clock using a potent combo of collagen, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil and astaxanthin to help stop fine lines and wrinkles in their tracks, support the skin’s strength and elasticity, and defend against harmful UV sun damage.

ProYou Marine Collagen Beauty Blend, $99 

Coupling 8g of premium marine collagen with 5mg of carotenoid astaxanthin in every serve, this strawberry-flavoured sensation is said to support healthier skin, hair and nails at a cellular level. Antioxidant-rich vitamin C, alongside vitamin A, biotin, zinc and a shot of hyaluronic acid join the party to help restore glow to skin, while plumping fine lines and promoting a smoother, more supple complexion.

STOCKISTS: Clinicians from selected health food stores and pharmacies, or online at Clinicians.co.nz; Good Sh*t from selected cafes, supermarkets, Huckleberry stores or online at Goodshitsoda.com; Krumbled Foods available from Countdown supermarkets or online at Krumbledfoods.com; Jeuneora from selected department stores, or online at Jeuneora.co.nzMymorningmantra.co.nz; ProYou.co.nz; Thea Matcha from Skintopia, Smith & Caughey’s or online at Theamatcha.com; Two Islands from selected day spas, health stores, independent retailers and pharmacies, or online at Twoislandsco.com.

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