7 Multitasking Hair Perfumes To Give Your Tresses The Refresh Treatment

By Ashleigh Cometti
Gisou founder Negin Mirsalehi in her family's bee garden. Photo / Instagram

From cosseting conditioners to good-to-grow hair supplements, the burgeoning demand for soft, smooth tresses has ushered in the era of multi-purpose haircare which achieves a multitude of hair goals under one clear mission – to make hair look and feel its best.

Enter hair perfumes and hair mists, which provide an instant refresh and alludes to just-shampooed strands.

While the concept is not entirely new, the category is growing at a rapid rate which begs the question – do we really need to add another step in our haircare routines?

And before you argue that the same effect can be achieved by spritzing your regular perfume into your locks, most body fragrances contain alcohol, which can strip hair of its moisture.

Hair perfumes and mists are formulated with a lower alcohol content, so they won’t irritate your scalp or dry out strands. Not to mention they’re usually loaded with ingredients said to improve the look and condition of hair, like emollients, silicones or humectants. Many are even said to banish bad odors or protect against UV and environmental damage.

In the same way that body fragrances come in varying concentrations, there are three distinct tiers of hair perfume – light, medium or heavy.

Generally speaking, hair mists sit on the lighter end of the spectrum, while full-bodied hair perfumes sit somewhere between medium and heavy.

To use them, spritz directly onto mid-lengths and ends, or coat your brush in your preferred hair mist or hair perfume before you style.

Renowned for their simplified approach to haircare, Sachajuan founders Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind sought to develop a multi-purpose hair perfume which serves double duty to protect and freshen hair in the same spritz. Infused with Sachajuan’s signature scent, this weightless spray contains anti-odor technology to banish unwanted aromas, while UV protectants offer colour protection and optimum shine. If your haircare regime calls for once-weekly shampoos, or you wear extensions, this refreshing, moisturising hair perfume is an excellent option.

While its name suggests a level of subtlety promised by a hair mist, to us this magnetic scent is best categorised as a hair perfume – thanks to its decadent notes that fall within Jo Malone London’s Cologne Intense remit. Enriched with argan oil, pro vitamin B and vitamin E, the nourishing formula lends a healthy shine to hair while diffusing its sensual aroma.

Donning the same bowler hat-style cap for which the original eau de parfum is known, this lightweight hair mist by Hermès highlights notes of ginger, tuberose and sandalwood, as dreamed up by master perfumer Christine Nagel. Composed of 93 per cent natural ingredients, this mist cares for hair while diffusing its scent thanks to the addition of Healthy Shine Lilac, an active ingredient which protects hair from both sun damage and environmental aggressors.

Arguably one of the world’s most popular scents, Chanel No.5 was the first abstract fragrance, which called for more than 80 ingredients during its multi-layered formulation process, resulting in a scent that lends an airy nature to floral notes. Now, more than a century since its inception by Gabrielle Chanel and Ernest Beaux, the iconic scent has been reimagined as a hair mist, which harnesses plant-based actives derived from rose and jasmine to offer hair shine and a silky, touch-me texture.

Diffuse Balmain’s signature summery scent into strands after styling for a finish that’s equal parts silky and shiny. It supports optimum hair health thanks to softening argan oil and rich silk proteins, and also stands in as a leave-in conditioner thanks to the aforementioned ingredient’s detangling properties. Light and effervescent, notes of fresh raspberry, orange blossom and vanilla intertwine in this hair perfume that boasts it can stay all day.

Suitable for use on either wet or dry hair, L'Occitane's French-made hair mist delicately scents hair with a blend of neroli essence from the Mediterranean and white orchid absolute from Madagascar. Undeniably feminine, the sophisticated fragrance underpins the brand's Néroli & Orchidée collection – which comprises an eau de toilette plus a suite of hand care and body care products.

If you follow Negin Mirsalehi on Instagram, you’ll know the secret behind her signature Rapunzel-esque tresses is the natural honey harvested from her family’s bee garden. Lucky for us, Mirsalehi honey is available to the masses with Gisou, a haircare range which has the industry buzzing. Its honey-infused hair perfume works double duty to refresh, repair and nourish dry or damaged hair, while leaving a sweet honey scent trail to linger in its tracks.

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