Motorists hoping for a permanent roundabout at the St Hill St/Ridgway intersection will be disappointed — the traffic lights are coming back.

And more traffic lights are planned for St Hill St, slowing traffic even further.

A temporary roundabout, formed by road cones, is in place at the St Hill and Ridgway streets crossing, with motorists commenting on social media about improved traffic flow and calling for a permanent roundabout there.

However, Whanganui District Council senior roading engineer Rui Leitao says the roundabout is temporary while traffic signals are upgraded as part of the construction of Te Tuaiwi shared pathway.


"Roundabouts are good in car-centric routes but not suitable along routes to be shared with walking and cycling," Leitao said.

"The section of work between Maria Pl and Ridgway St is virtually complete and road marking removal and re-marking is in progress."

The St Hill/Ridgway intersection corners, including a new kerb alignment, new footpath and paved areas, are being built and should be completed by the end of May.

"Users will find new layouts, controls for cyclists and changes to the phasing of the traffic signals."

And a major change at the bottom of St Hill St, where it meets Taupō Quay, will see traffic lights added there. Work will begin at the end of May.

The shared pathway will extend from the intersection to the Whanganui City Bridge.

"This will see new kerb and footpath works as part of the shared pathway and also a change to the layout of the Taupō Quay/St Hill St intersection with a new set of traffic signals installed," Leitao said.

Ducting work will start in late May and the traffic signals will be installed in June.

The pathway between Ridgway St and Taupō Quay will be slightly widened along the Trafalgar Square side to modify it to a shared pathway. The bus stop will remain where it is.

Work is also progressing at St Hill St's intersections with Guyton St and Ingestre St.

Ducts have been installed for new traffic signals at the Guyton St intersection and it will be upgraded to incorporate the new shared pathway. Work is scheduled to finish by the end of June.

At Ingestre St drainage works and kerb installation are currently being done.

Motorists driving up St Hill St and wanting to turn left along Ingestre St will now be stopped by traffic lights.

"A new layout on this intersection will see the 'free turn' bay permanently removed and a green space built along with the new shared pathway," Leitao said.

"A new set of traffic signals will also be installed, with a temporary roundabout used to control traffic while the work takes place."

The work should be finished by the end of June.