It was an ill and disgusting drama that caught my eye this week.

Tuesday night's episode of My Kitchen Rules Australia TV2 started as the usual run-of-the mill cooking programme which for me have become tedious and passe.

Then the dulcet tones of the two Vietnamese women carefully explaining what they were cooking switched to the untenable bitchy, snaky voices of two contestants at the table, Jordanian sisters Sonya and Hadil.

I know your ears can't stand on end but if mine could have, they would have.

I was on red alert, eyes wide, mouth ajar. If I were a dog my ears would have been pricked and flapping.

If there isn't enough revolting scandal being dished up this week about newbie royal Meghan and her supposed bogan American family, we get this benign cooking programme washing up into a dish of cold venom.


However, it was sorted beautifully by Manu Feildel, one of the judges. In his quiet inimitable manner and beautifully enunciated he excused the offending sisters from the table.

They smashed out in high dudgeon, marching down the path through the gate and into a handily parked taxi.

As they huffily folded themselves into the back seat they grizzled about how unfair it all was because they had been provoked for weeks.

Meanwhile, our doe-eyed Vietnamese cooks were trembling in their kitchen wondering if the competition had exploded and they had cooked in vain.

The two contestants (blonde princesses, Sydney sisters Jess and Emma) who had been pilloried and vilified by the Jordanian pair, had turned the colour of their platinum bobs and were shaking from the cruel barbs.

Manu later said his excusing the Jordanian sisters from the show hadn't been taken lightly.

He said it was a permanent expulsion because the reality show depended on it.

"We don't want to start something that might continue in the next series ... it goes against everything the show's about."


So I'm left wondering if the vicious behaviour had been scripted to give the ratings a boost.

Tell you what though, unleashing that stuff on our viewers across the ditch has sent the great Aussie public into a social media frenzy.

Everything from "off with their heads". Very much smacking of gatherings at the gallows. Take your knitting ... maybe just or feed those sheilas to the sharks.