Tauranga City Council has advised that the community event Rollin' & Strollin' on Sunday 14 July has been postponed. Unfortunately, rain and winds are predicted.

The event will be rescheduled for spring when the days are warmer and the skies are brighter.

In the meantime, the new and improved track in Kopurererua Valley is open to the public for their enjoyment.

Thanks to Tauranga Council and the NZ Transport Agency, the 6km Kopurererua Valley walking and biking track has been tar sealed making it a smoother cycleway easier and safer to ride for people on all types of bikes, and more comfortable for walkers.


The Kopurererua Valley is a 300-hectare block of low-lying rural land situated between residential neighbourhoods in Tauranga. Running from Judea in the north to Tauriko in the south, the valley is bordered by the neighbourhoods of Te Reti, Gate Pa, Greerton, Westridge and Cambridge Heights.

The valley and the stream that runs through it are of great historical and cultural significance to Maori. The valley was a place of refuge and retreat for Maori warriors in the battles of Gate Pa and Te Ranga. Tauranga City Council has worked in consultation with local iwi Ngai Tamarawhaho in the rejuvenation of the area, not just the track's upgrade but the restoration of the wetlands and returning native plants to the area, and preserving local pa sites.

The track is part of the city's goals to make Tauranga a cycle friendly place, balancing every residents needs with a focus primarily on people's safety, whether they're walking, biking, riding on mobility scooters.

Improving the track is also an important step in helping Tauranga become a more active city. Not only that, residents can take time to enjoy the region's natural beauty, as the track offers people the opportunity to walk or cycle through one of our most beautiful reserves.

It makes for a fantastic family walk - what better bonding time than to stroll along the track chatting with the kids, absorbing the changing seasons and enjoying nature.

Or turn date night into a healthier occasion by taking a romantic bike or stroll with your one and only.

Or catch up with your friends over a walk while enjoying the fresh air. You can still get a coffee together with plenty of pitstops along the way including the Historic Village, or pause at one of the cafes near the hospital, at Gate Pa or at Greerton, or at the Lakes.

You will even be able pop a basket on your cycle and do some shopping at Tauranga Crossing!


The upgrade is not just for recreational enjoyment but will have a functional purpose too, offering the opportunity for a year round off road route for people to get to work and school, providing a key walking and cycling link between The Lakes and Tauranga city centre.

Judea resident Daniel Harrison, 18, uses the track to 'commute' to his place of work at New World Supermarket, and is delighted about the track upgrade

"Anything that encourages people not to use cars is a good thing. Whenever I can, I avoid using a car, and regularly run, walk or cycle down this track so it is great that it is now even more user friendly."

Gate Pa resident Emma Stanton walks her dog on the track every day. A keen walker, she even walks the track right up to Bethlehem to visit her daughter,

"I just love being out in nature, I love that there is no traffic and it is very safe. I keep fit, and it is very social too - the dog has lots of friends we see regularly."

About the formal opening in Spring.

Everyone is welcome at the spring event, whether you want to walk, scooter or cycle the track, push a pram or simply get among the celebrations.

You will be even able to walk your four-legged best friend as dogs are also welcome.

The Hits radio team will be there spicing up this fun day.

There will be plenty of family friendly activities, spot prizes, have some fun on one of the funky bikes and join in the community bike ride.