Twelve members of the CMK Stratford Flyers swimmers travelled to Dunedin for the National 12 and over Swim NZ Division 2 Championship last month.

Coach Aimee Woodhead says that the members did well.

"With a team that consisted of many 12 and 13 year olds they performed extremely well with many personal best times, medals and finalist placings.

"Well done to Heidi Sextus and Alina Zabel for picking up their first National Age Group times for the next step up."


Aimee thanked the parents who gave up their time to support the team, Raeleen Hancock, Kim Watson, Kim Agent and Davina Keller.

Dylan Kowalewski 12-13yrs: 1st in 200m freestyle, 1st in 200 medley, 1st in 400m medley, 2nd in 400m freestyle, 3rd in 100m medley, 4th in 100m freestyle and 7th in 50m freestyle.
Abbey Sextus 14 yrs: 1st in 200m butterfly and 5th in 100m butterfly.
Meg Baldock 14 yrs: 3rd in 800m freestyle, 4th in 400m freestyle and 9th in 300m backstroke.
Payton Agent 15yrs: 4th in 100m backstroke, 7th in 800m freestyle, 7th in 400m freestyle, 8th in 50m backstroke, 9th in 200m backstroke, 9th in 200m freestyle and 9th in 50 freestyle.
Heidi Sextus 12-13yrs: 5th in 400m freestyle and 8th in 800 freestyle.
Jack Keller 12-13 yrs: 5th in 200m breaststroke.
Anina Loveridge 12-13yrs: 10th in 400m medley.
Bella Hancock 14 yrs: 10th in 800m freestyle.
Alina Zabel 12-13yrs: 10th in 200m breaststroke.
Arnika Watson 12-13 yrs: 13th 100 free.
Sarama Agent 12-13yr: 29th in the 12 year old 200m freestyle.
Eva McGeoch 12-13 yrs: 8th in the 12 year old 400m medley.