Whanganui teams had mixed fortunes in high scoring action in the Manawatu softball league competition in Palmerston North at the weekend.

After two defaults in the last two weeks the Castlecliff Club Mustangs where back in action on Saturday at Bill Brown Park with an emphatic 15-2 win over Huia Warriors in the Manawatu senior men's reserve grade, while Athletic smashed Huia Tigers 17-0 in the premier women's grade.

The Athletic men, however, were on the receiving end of a 19-3 hiding from Kingswood Demons in the senior men's reserve grade.

Ezi Finance Braves continue to have major problems fielding teams at the weekend and defaulted to the Kingswood Devils in the premier men competition.


Mustangs first turn at bat put two runs on the board in the first innings. Captain Langes scored the first run with a smart bunt, steeling second and then scored on a two base hit by Ben Hollis. Hollis then scored on a sacrifice by Jefferson Yacap.

Mustangs next turn at bat added another five runs. Josh Hollis hit a two base hit and scored when Matty Ranga hit safely. Aaron Mahoney and Duane Paranihi bunted safely to load the bases. Up stepped Brian Langdon-Lane who drove the ball deep between left and centre fields for a grand slam to put the Mustangs up 7-0.

Huia scored two runs with a series of safe hits and overthrows to get on the board. Mustangs next two turns at bat added another eight runs with Danny Green chiming in with a huge home run.

Mustangs play Braves on Wednesday at 6pm in the local fastpitch competition.

"The boys are enjoying the game and improving with every outing," coach Ron Hollis said.

"Danny Green's doing a great job for us on the mound and the team supports him with the bat."

Athletic women's pitcher Manea Kotuhi-Brown had a sensational game pitching to nine batters, striking out five and played three for eight outs. She also batted 1000.

Athletic stated exceptionally well in their three innings clash with Huia Tigers chalking up 12 runs, including a grand slam home run hit over centre field by Anahera Millar-Potaka.


Athletic lead the Manawatu senior women's premier division and are expecting a closer encounter with second placed Kingswood Anahera this weekend.

Athletic men's coach Andrea Tangata put together a makeshift side after four of her team pulled pin before the match-up with Kingswood Demons. Without a pitcher and several key players, the makeshift team had no chance against a well-drilled Kingswood Demons.