With no softball in Palmerston North this Manawatu Dodgers will send three teams to play softball in Whanganui this weekend.

There will be a Whanganui combind schools gane play at 11am followed by a reserves grade match against new club Wanganui Mustangs at 12.30pm and premiers game Dodgers vs Wanganui Braves at 2.30pm, all to be played at The Ballpark, Gonville.

The Mustangs game should be a thriller with homeside winning in a tiebraker last time the two teams met.

Dodgers have three Whanganui players in their squad in pitcher Calab Watt, catcher Chase Pauro and infielder Emanual Savage.


"It should be a great spectacle and we hope more games in town will follow next year. Whanganui has not seen senior or premier softball played here for several years," Braves player/coach Shane Foster said.

"It's all about trying to promote the game of softball to the younger kids and teenagers. For the game to survive in Whanganui we need to give the next generation something to strive for."