Getting noticed is something we all want at some point in our lives; want that promotion? Want to get published? How will you stand out from the crowd? Incorporating a bold colour scheme into your home will inevitably get guests talking!

If you're one of those people who have never met a colour you didn't love or if you're flirting with the idea of using bright colours in your home, a playful new chapter can be made by simply having the confidence to make bold moves. Some of us just need to move past the fear that bold colour will lack sophistication.

A bold style can lead to unexpected, pleasant surprises. The result you want is one in which every space feels as unique as the people who inhabit it. The trick – if you're doing this for the first time – is to do it bit-by-bit. A small room, such as the bathroom or laundry room might be the best place to start if you're planning to dip your toes in the water, or perhaps painting the front door.

Resene colour consultant Carolyn Atkinson says most people approach bold or bright colour with a certain amount of caution - and that is very wise.


"Colours in an interior always look stronger or brighter than you might expect them to, often as much as double the intensity in some cases. Painting very large samples on A2 white card allows the homeowner to see a maximum amount of the colour and they can judge how viable it is. Moving the sample card around can also help with deciding where it works best. Sometimes it isn't the wall that a bold colour is best used on - it may be on furniture or drapes."

Bold interiors incorporated tastefully into a home reveals the unique identity of the homeowner; your own unique brand – you. If that means adding an explosion of yellow, pink with a punch or going all-out with pastel colours, the easiest way to make colour presence known is by painting your walls.

Carolyn suggests not using too much (or too many colours) and balancing the bolder colours against a neutral backdrop to make the room interesting rather than frenetic.


50s flair, art deco, bohemian, botanical and tropical might be your thing. Draw inspiration from what other people have done and don't be afraid to try out styles or colours which you wouldn't normally go for – it might surprise you.


If you welcome the departure of plain, neutral colours and want to go all-in with bold, start small by trialling bright colours and hues in the form of soft furnishings or ornaments and see if they are colours you could see yourself liking more of.

Try Resene Salsa and Resene Pohutukawa if red is comfortable for you; yellow lovers might like Resene Turbo or Resene Buttercup. Ready to tango? Try Resene Adrenalin for a pop of orange. For green, give Resene Limerick a go, or try Resene Maestro if you like teal blues. Indigo blues, such as Resene Resolution Blue and Resene Deep Koamaru are full of energy and vivacity.


Wallpaper can easily become a feature wall that complements a dramatic design or can be used as a high-impact feature on a ceiling. Some very bold and colourful large-scale designs are made for large spaces where they can be viewed from a distance in order to appreciate them. If they are used in a smaller space, you totally miss their drama and excitement and they overpower the room.

"It is all about scale and the spatial dimensions of the space you want to use the wallpaper in. If the room is smaller, you need to consider whether the wallpaper pattern is well-balanced and no larger than the size of both your hands when clasped. See the Paradise range in the Resene Wallpaper Collection for examples of large scale, bold-coloured pattern; and the Passepartout range in the Resene Wallpaper Collection for a slightly smaller-scale bold-coloured pattern," Carolyn says.


A bold style will work in any room but it's important that you feel comfortable in your new space. If you're still undecided about which bright colours you think will suit the room, alternatively you could give wall decals a go. Rich and vibrant wall graphics will help to showcase your love of colour and can be removed if you change your mind. Wall decals come in many shapes, sizes and styles and might be just what you're looking for if you've exhausted all other options.


You can keep your promise of a bold theme by using white and/or black as the backdrop to your favourite colours, while adding accessories, such as cushions, throws, rugs, duvets or kitchen appliances, in daring colours to make the room pop.


The amount of natural light in a room can have an effect on a bold theme. Rooms with ample natural light can get away with dramatic and darker colours without being overwhelming. The trick to delivering a beautiful bold vibe to a room with little natural light is to use more saturated hues of colour which will reflect more light.

Although you may think that using pale colours in small, dark rooms will help to make it feel brighter, if there's not much natural light in the first place, the neutral colours will end up looking sad and grey. On the contrary, rooms with lots of natural light will make bold colours 'jarring to look at and make the space appear smaller'.

"It's all about using colour with discretion and making a smaller amount of bold colour look fabulous but not fussy," Carolyn adds.

If you're new to going bold, start slowly and experiment, then slowly expand into larger projects once your confidence builds.