The range's smallest model – the DF700 - features smaller dimensions to suit those looking to retrofit their fire into existing cavities. Zero Clearance and Direct Vent Powered Flue technology make for a simpler install, making the DF Series a convenient and affordable option for renovators.

"Escea's Powered Flue technology means the fire can go almost anywhere. The flue doesn't need to go upwards, and this offers ease of design and installation," explains Escea design and engineering manager Ken Molloy.

The key is the fan-forced airflow, which allows you to install flues horizontally and vertically, making even the most complex flue run possible. This innovation, teamed with Escea's 12 meters of available flue, gives customers the design flexibility to place the fireplace anywhere in the room.

"The smaller dimensions of the DF Series suit renovators, but this is a very versatile fire that doesn't even need walls or cavities to install – making it appealing to those building new as well," says Molloy.


As well as saving on tradesman time to install, Escea's DF Series with Direct Vent Power Flue technology also offers higher efficiency, better reliability and more heat output than other gas fires in the same category. With 4-star efficiency and 5.6 – 7 kW of heat, the DF Series is a great option for customers looking for a heating appliance that is kind on both the eyes and the wallet.

Like all Escea fires, the DF Series comes with a variety of fascia and fuel bed options and Escea's Smartheat app, allowing customers to turn their fireplaces on from anywhere.