We have four gorgeous varieties of Ornamental Taro for you to look at. They are bright, colourful, large-leaved, tropical looking plants that may be good for that difficult part of the garden. You know the one, it's a bit damp and a bit shady and not much will grow there. Well these Colocasias will! These plants prefer full to moderate shade but will also grow in full sun if provided enough moisture. They require moist, organic-rich soil and will tolerate quite damp areas (but not stagnant). They can even grow directly in shallow water, so may be good in a pot in your shallow pond. If you grow this plant in a pot, make sure it is a very large one with a nice deep saucer, and be sure to give it a consistent supply of moisture over the warmer months.

Colocasia are evergreen in mild climates. However, if you live in an area that gets severe frosts, your taro will be winter-dormant and will die back to a starchy corm. (Will re-sprout in spring) If grown in a pot, these frost-tender plants can be brought indoors for the winter or placed under the eaves of the house.