Business is like an unknown destination we have always wanted to visit. But there was never the right time, enough money or the kids were too small!

Think of your business like a luxury ocean liner. And you are the captain. You are proud of your ship, you keep it shipshape!

Imagine leaving the harbour with no map, no GPS coordinates, no destination and no idea of where the next port is. That would be crazy!

Where is your business right now? Ask yourself these questions:


Do you jump on board every day and know where you are heading? Working reactively from your emails and other people's agenda is a problem.
You may find that your own business goals aren't being met. Take a look at how you start your day, is it from your own itinerary?

Are the actions you are taking, moving you closer to the destination? Sometimes we don't want to do the harder tasks first. So we keep ourselves busy doing the fluffy stuff. But that 'stuff' isn't moving us closer to achieving our goals.

Do you even have a destination? If you don't know where you are going, you can't look forward to it and prepare for it. Having clear ports of call - smaller destinations, a plan for the day, month, quarter and year makes decisions easier and you become less reactive. Plus a plan becomes your anchor. Powerful!

What about the moving parts of your business, how often do you maintain them? You could be going full steam ahead but about to hit an iceberg. Or worse, one of your moving parts could fall off. We juggle so much in business and lose
sight of the basic mechanics. Stop and check regularly.

Find a plan that suits the kind of person you are - Is it intrepid, guided or a mix? Once you know where you are going and are certain of your destination. You can cruise.