The wedding season is upon us. Summer. Whether it's a beach, garden, church, or a hay barn affair, the event is always strewn with lashings of emotion: love, laughter, frivolity, pride, apprehension and drama…

"Oh we had a lovely time. It was in the garden. The bride was just radiant in her French silk, hand beaded, strapless gown and you should have seen the train, simply glorious in its abundance and the seven bridesmaids just stole the show in their monochromatic numbers – pity about the weather."

"What an interesting venue. We just managed to catch the last tractor and thank goodness for the hay bales to wipe the mud off my Minx shoes. Just loved the bride's designer gumboots – should have worn mine. "

"I've got my airline tickets. Whoopee a tropical island. That was always my fantasy wedding venue, had it on my screen saver for years, but his mother was too sick to travel!! Been working out heaps, got the best bikini and if you need a spray tan I know exactly where to go. What cyclone???"


"The church flowers were absolutely beautiful and the organ player transported me right back to my boarding school days – thank goodness as the bride was an hour late. Luckily, the groom was well supported in the 35 degree heat – thank goodness for air conditioning – not global warming though eh Mr Trump?"

Whatever the circumstance, the experience or the outcome – when it comes to weddings, Mothers' Of are right up there in the pecking order and that's where we come in - Polwarth Design! We've dressed you all for the last 33 years and had a ball doing it. Just can't wait for our own…