Book Reviews

Gentle Giant Wetapunga

Not many creatures have been on earth for 190 million years but our tree-dwelling Wetapunga is one of them. Award-winning Whangarei author Annemarie Florian uses factual text and poetic prose to describe the amazing facts about this ancient insect. Terry Fitzgibbon's realistic illustrations make the weta appear to jump off the page. Together they beautifully capture this real-life story of Wetapunga. This book is a must for your bookshelves, whether you love or hate the humble weta.

Nicketty-Nacketty, Noo-Noo-Noo


A lot of us remember learning to read using Joy Cowley's amazing books, the whimsical rhythm and rhyme encouraging us to read more and more. In this year's New Year Honours, Joy Cowley was appointed as a Member of the Order of New Zealand, recognising her strong contribution to literature and literacy. You will start to see her beloved books get republished this year celebrating Joy as one of New Zealand's most prolific and successful writers. Start your collection with Nicketty-Nacketty, Noo-Noo-Noo.

Books & Flashcards

Now that the kids are settled back at school and kindergarten you may want to give them a little extra help. School Zone have a great range of affordable resources to help your kids become the best learners they can be. Catering for an age range from 2 – 10 years, School Zone covers the fundamentals of numeracy and literacy. Use these great educational products to review, reinforce and accelerate your child's learning.

Our Generation Dolls

Our Generation dolls will enchant your child, encouraging them to use their imagination while discovering the world around them. Prefect for ages 3 – 9 years, each 46cm doll looks like a girl of that age and is clothed in easy-to-dress fashionable outfits. This impressive range of dolls, outfits and accessories, reflects the lifestyles of children today inspiring them to create their own hopes and dreams. 'There's never been a generation of girls quite like us. We're dreamers and doers. And we are here to do it all … This is Our Generation'!

Premium Binoculars

These lightweight, hand-hand binoculars are excellent for viewing the night sky, out to sea or the birds. The quality 50mm optics and anti-reflection coatings give you a bright view with a wide field of view for stargazing. Designed for perfect focus across the entire lens, you will be stunned when you try these binoculars. For stargazing,
I now prefer these to telescopes twice their price, and looking around the Town Basin feels like you have bionic vision. Perfect for the older children and adults in any family.

Don't miss out, the next shipment looks like it will be back up near the $200 mark.

Kidz Robotix

New robotic range from 4M allows you to create skilled robots that are able to walk up walls, fridges, flip, jump and spin. Three robot kits to choose from: Spider, Crazy, and Fridge. Each of these kits has all you need to build an amazing robot. Then just add batteries and watch your robot demonstrate its unique skill. Children from eight years old will learn the rudiments of engineering and electronics while having fun constructing these amazing kits.