By Life & Style Coach Sharon Gibson

It's that time of the year again folks when the social calendar notifications start popping like popcorn for some!

Wherever you are in the social scene, whether it's just kicking off or you've already enjoyed a full social life throughout the year, here are some of my favourite tips to manage your health and wellness. Who knows, you may even learn to party without the hangover!

• Strategy – be diary organised and choose toward the events that contribute to your life and personal values. Who and what will contribute to your targets now and in the future?


• Health – it may be the end of the year but that's no excuse to slack off when it comes to your health. Did you know that eating a high GI carbohydrate meal together with sugary cocktails or beer can lead to blackouts? Change out pasta, pizza and processed meats for grilled fish, poached chicken plus quinoa, mixed veges and salads and avoid the carb and alcohol hangover!

• Alcohol + hydration – drink correctly and remember to hydrate well before, during and after your social events. As much as it pains me to say, champagne, white wines, beer and cocktails are not your best friend as they are high GI drinks that encourage hangovers. Instead try lower forms of GI drinks like red wine, clear spirits and mixers like soda or mineral water, wine spritzers with rose, wine with soda.

• Move – keep moving your body in ways that are fun for you even if you've been a bit lazy lately, take it to the next level. Being consistent, even if just a 30 minute walk daily can make a huge difference.

• Rest and recovery – allow yourself plenty of space for rest and recovery. Your body needs it.

• Health supplements – even with a healthy life, most of us are deficient in some minerals. Check out which health supplements would best support your immune and hormone health so you can enjoy the holiday season fully.

Here's to your health and
wellness folks!