By Carolyn Hansen

With the New Year looming, it's the perfect time to get health-focused! It's a time of year that can be filled with hope, positivity and a feeling of purpose. You get a clean slate to do whatever you want and close to 50 percent of us make New Year's resolutions.

The trouble is, the enthusiasm to make changes, especially with exercise and diet, tends to fade once we realise we can't change everything overnight.

After all, nothing gets accomplished in one day. Resolutions, like all plans, are set in one day, but are accomplished with a hundred tiny steps that happen throughout the year.


Want to make this coming year different?

First off, the date really has no significance; you don't have to wait for the first of January to start living the way you want to live right now.

In fact, starting now will ultimately benefit you - here are two great reasons why:

A New Beginning Has No Start Date

A new beginning starts every day you wake up, not every first day of the New Year. Don't wait for tomorrow, next week or January 1st to begin what you already know you want to achieve.

If there is something going on in your life that you do not like and want to change, there is no better time than the present.

Staying A Step Ahead Of The Game

By starting now, you will be one step ahead of yourself. Where you thought you would be in January, you could be in by December.

By keeping a step ahead, you can go into the New Year with a strong perspective and assurance of what you need to do next in order to achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve.

After all, it's really not about the date. Success with health or fitness goals begins and ends with a "between the ears" process. Yes, your MIND. The mind leads the body. Your body listens to your mind.

So, this means you have to change the way you think about exercise and eating, change the way you schedule your day and how you prioritise your tasks.

Willpower won't work.

Willpower is for short-term success. Long-term success requires planning, discipline and finding ways to motivate yourself every day.

Motivation will not magically happen and no-one else can provide it for you as it comes from within and will change from day-to-day. You have to recommit to your goals each day, tweak them to fit changes in your lifestyle and attitude and find new ways to motivate yourself over the course of your life.

You will not always want to exercise and eat healthy. Even the most committed exerciser doesn't always want to do it. Know that you will have to work on it every day.

But its all worth it as the evidence is in for fitness. It has been associated with more health benefits than anything else known to man. Studies show that it increases energy, reduces disease risk, increases longevity, helps achieve and maintain weight loss, enhances mood and makes you look, feel and sleep better.

The combination of good mental attitude, a good nutrition plan and a good training program is a fail-safe strategy. The key to remaining on track is to unlock personal motivation. Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have and you have to start today to train yourself mentally as well as physically!

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There are 365 days to start anew or make a change - use them all and make your next year transformational.