People come to see me for assistance in their lives for a multitude of reasons. Together, we look at anything that is creating disharmony. We use a questioning technique - one of the key tools of Access Consciousness™ to hone into undiscovered levels of awareness; to recover the information that was always there, buried somewhere un-accessed for some time!

I have become increasingly aware that most of the time; issues are created as a result of people not truly being themselves. We become so conditioned by the 'voices' of this world - some call it monkey mind, others call it ego, identity is another definition for it, I refer to it as 'conditioning' and you may have your own reference point to go with whatever that is for you!

So, how do we know when we are not being ourselves? We go down the creek with no paddle, we cut ourselves off at the knees to 'fit' into someone else's life, we become resentful when we feel that our 'requirements' are not being met and so on while 'giving' everyone else everything they need, desire and require.

In the ten or so years in this work, 90% of the time, when I ask the question: "are you being you, or someone else?" the response is "I don't know how to be me". We are not taught this in school. Where do we go in the great disappearing act we have perfected so well? Good question! Please ask yourself, anytime you feel yourself disappearing, or anytime you feel less than.


Choosing for you does not equal choosing against others and as my friend, Dain Heer says: "Be You & Change Your World".