Ten times best-selling author, speaker and biochemist Dr Libby Weaver is currently touring New Zealand following the release of her latest book What Am I Supposed to Eat?

"I have written this book in response to the single, most frequently asked question that I've been asked over the last decade - What am I supposed to eat?" says Dr Libby.

"People are confused and frustrated when it comes to food. There has been a huge wave of new health information over the past five to ten years and we have more options and

opinions about the 'best' kind of foods, and the most ideal ways to eat, than we ever have before."


People hear that they should be eating 'healthy' food, but when nutritional information changes so regularly, it can be hard to keep up with whether we should be following a paleo way of eating, living a vegan lifestyle or choosing a high fat or no carb diet.

"Somewhere along the way, food became confusing. We stopped trusting that we know what our bodies need, and many people started feeling overwhelmed by the conflicting information about what is 'best' for their individual bodies," says Dr Libby.

In her informative and inspiring food-focused event, which is visiting 17 centres around the country, Dr Libby strips back conflicting information and share her insights from over 20 years of clinical experience and 14 years of study to answer the question: "What am I supposed to eat?"

"In all my years of consulting, I can't tell you how many people just wanted me to fast forward to the bit where I tell them what to eat. Food Frustrations was born from my desire to help people better understand what works for their bodies nutritionally and how to make better food choices in their busy lives," says Dr Libby.

Dr Libby takes complex biochemistry, applies it to common lifestyle and health challenges, and explains it in an easy to understand way, helping to remove any guesswork from what to eat, when and why.

In her warm and down-to-earth manner, Dr Libby helps people to see how small changes can have a profound impact on their health and how they feel every day.

Dr Libby will show you that it is possible to change your relationship with food, forever.

Dr Libby's new book What Am I Supposed to Eat?
can be purchased from www.drlibby.com and leading booksellers RRP $39.95.

For details of her tour, go to: www.drlibby.com