Slipping on rugs while carrying too many presents, bailing while taking a new bike for its first spin and getting squashed by falling Christmas trees all come with a friendly warning from ACC.

With 12 days until Christmas, ACC is releasing a series of "fun videos" online featuring odd Christmas injuries to avoid.

During the summer holidays people tend to relax and change their regular routine and while some might say that's how accidents happen, the truth is that most injuries are preventable, said ACC's head of injury prevention Isaac Carlson.

Last year more than 4000 New Zealanders were injured on Christmas Day alone, accounting for $3,628,574 worth of ACC claims.


Accidents included 28 people hurt while cooking or barbecuing, and 22 injured cleaning the house before or after Christmas Day visit from friends and family.

"The perils of falling Christmas trees, hanging the fairy lights and flying wine corks play a starring role in the video series because we know people can probably relate to these weird Christmas injuries," Carlson said.

He said he hoped the videos would start a conversation on just how many injuries were preventable.

The number of road injuries was 405, including 142 relating to motorcycles or bicycles.

Beach and swimming accidents accounted for another 171 injuries. Young people and males accounted for more than one third of preventable drownings.

Carlson said the key thing was to teach young people how to asses and manage risks in their surroundings, so they can have fun with their friends and family, safely.

Graphic / Supplied
Graphic / Supplied

Alcohol-related injuries also took a toll, accounting for more than one in 10 of all ACC claims.

The reality is more you drink, the greater the risk of injury.

"To reduce your risk, set a limit on your drinking and stick to it, eat plenty of food and pace yourself with water or other non-alcoholic drinks," Carlson said.

Graphic / Supplied
Graphic / Supplied