I wrote about road rage a couple of weeks ago, identifying the sort of driver behaviour which makes us grumpy, and which could express itself as road rage. I listed 10 driving sins and asked what other factors make drivers angry.

I was really asking us to reflect on our driving behaviour and to internalise other drivers' reaction to it – and I was told that is the wrong way to go about it.

"End your story on a positive note and show how being courteous can dissipate anger development," the email message said. That sort of feedback is like gold as it tapped into a sense of potential driving positivity, as BP New Zealand launched its "Thank You Button" Campaign.

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BP Thank You Button. /Supplied

BP is one brand choice motorists often have a grudging relationship with. We can't drive without them. They sell us our fuel. Even though the actual fuel is pretty much the same across brands, BP claimed the "green" position, many marketing campaigns ago, and has continued to perpetuate the environment-friendly image.

Simplistically, marketing is about differentiating and creating a positive relationship with your brand and the "Thank You Button", it seems, is a great idea about how this could occur.

The company commissioned independent research relating to road rage and road courtesy. They found most of us had experienced road