The organisers of the Great Ahipara/Ninety Mile Clean-up later this month are hoping for a strong response from the community.

"There are no organisations that will do this for us. It is not the responsibility of the FNDC or the regional council. No council or governmental organisation will clean the flotsam and waste off the beach for us," CBEC EcoSolutions environmental educator Jo Shanks said.

"The waste being left behind on the beach, or floating in on the tide, is building up, a mix of recyclables and plastics that never goes away. Plastic in the water kills sea life, and can make fish too toxic to eat."

This year's event will be on Saturday, November 10, from 8am.


Shane Clarkson had been the driving force behind last year's first, successful clean-up, when truckloads of waste were removed, including one load for recycling.

"This year we want to really knock it out of the park — or off the beach," Shanks said.

EcoSolutions, Far North REAP, Kaitaia Timebank, Sweetwater Farms and the Ahipara Coastal Patrol were adding their energy this time, and would hopefully be supported by the wider community.

As well as picking up rubbish from "our longest, most beautiful beach", as much as possible of the disintegrating plastic matting that was installed 20 years ago, and was now making its way into the water as micro plastics, would be removed.

"Please let us know if you are going to come down the beach [from Hukatere or Waipapakauri Ramp] so we can sort out recycle/rubbish bags and a clean-up kit for your team," she added.

"Fulton Hogan has contributed $500 worth of petrol vouchers, so let us know if you will be joining us with your trucks and trailers. Repco, Carters, Hunting and Fishing, and Placemakers have already donated some spot prizes, but more, and goodies for volunteers, are welcome.

"Groups, schools and organisations are also getting involved, but many hands will make light work.

"Please show kaitiaki for Northland. Let's see what we can do in a couple of hours, but remember, any day you visit the beach, be a tidy kaitiaki kiwi and keep our beach clean."