English footballing figure Bobby Gould once suggested Brett Angell needed a minder to keep him on a leash when he got out of control on the sidelines as Hawke's Bay United coach.

But Angell argues there are many misconceptions or preconceptions about who he is and what he is as a person.

He courted controversy but Brett Angell also delivered in three of his five seasons when it mattered most to shut up his critics.

His mindset and antics often have football fans juxtaposing him with the pugnacious personality of Declan Edge, the Ole Academy coach who has paved the way for several New Zealand youngsters to ply their trade on the global stage.

Akin to Edge, Angell is adamant he's more a case of a misunderstood man rather than someone who is irascible amid outcry from some, including ropeable parents, who don't want their children anywhere within cooee distance of a