Should Football Ferns striker Sarah Gregorius have undergone a concussion test in their opening Fifa World Cup match against the Netherlands in France yesterday?

That aside, why are coach Tom Sermanni's women parking themselves behind the ball so much and are they going to adopt a similar bunker mentality to eke out a draw against a higher-ranked Canada on Sunday morning?

If, as Sermanni says, the Football Ferns "gave it everything" then I'm afraid it's time to jump off the PC bandwagon to start playing a better brand of footy.

Without doubt coach Tom Sermanni has brought harmony within the Football Ferns after the sad and sorry saga of Andreas Heraf's tenure ending last year.

But the brand of game the New Zealand women played in their 1-0 loss to the Netherlands during the Fifa Women's World Cup in France yesterday suggests it's still pretty unconvincing.

Sure, the goal, which came two minutes into Brazilian referee Edina Alves Batista's added time, was gut wrenching but it