It can be hard to find some light, when things are so dark.

But Australian senator Fraser Anning, egged on by a teenager, has provided us with some.

What a boofhead.

Anning, a Queensland senator, made what many regard as stupid comments on Friday, linking New Zealand government's immigration policies with Brenton Tarrant's terror attack on Christchurch mosques.


"Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?" Anning tweeted shortly after 50 Muslims were shot dead in their place of worship.

"The real cause of the bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place," he said in a later statement.

Will Connolly, a teenager who took exception to Anning's comments was standing beside the senator at a press conference. As you do.

Connolly, as he records Anning on his phone, steps forward and cracks what appears to be a free range Australorp (the Aussie Orpington) on Anning's head.

The politician's thin skin splits open on impact.

Anning does what any calm, collected politician would do in these circumstances - he sees Rhode Island Red, steps toward Connolly and throws two straight lefts at the teenager's head.

Connolly is wrestled to the ground by a couple of hard boiled Anning supporters. One of them has the teen in a headlock.

"There's been an assault, call the police," one of them cries with some urgency.


He's right. If Connolly has unleashed an Australorp, there could be half a dozen Plymouth Rocks in his backpack - those buggers, especially the free range ones, hurt.

Connolly, by this stage, has been restrained for some time.

His thoughts, and the Plymouth Rocks, are probably a little scrambled.

A mother hen amongst the journalists steps forward and suggests that Connolly be allowed to stand up.

"Get back" yells a man, clearly terrified at the threat a woman with an opinion and a microphone presents.

Connolly remains trapped, like a battery hen in a cage, but is eventually allowed to get up.

Somewhere, Anning has egg on his face, although he has trouble seeing it.

Later on, he defends defending himself.

He stepped forward and punched Connolly twice in the head because any Australian would have done that, he reckons.

Strewth. You have to laugh. What an egg.