An anonymous gift of a new van to replace an "oily rag" good-for-not-much car has been gratefully received by a local bird and wildlife rescue team.

Hawke's Bay Bird and Wildlife Rescue founder Liv Flynn said the enthusiast who gifted the van just wanted to help after being impressed with what the team does.

The gift couldn't be more timely for Flynn who had been using her own car for rescues and callouts, and the 10 year-old car was just not big or good enough.

"I have run our group on the smell of an oily rag for years. I could only fit one or two birds in it.


"In the new vehicle we can stack all the cages in there, for example, if we get a piglet or a goat from the wild, we can take them and transport them to foster parents when bigger."

The gift of a new van from a fellow animal lover has been "overwhelming" for Flynn.

"We get a lot of phone calls from the public - with my old vehicle I couldn't always get out there (to assist). Now with the new vehicle we can do more callouts, education in schools and assist councils.

"In the last year we have rescued about 800 native, common and wild birds. To get such an amazing gift (of a new van) is quite overwhelming."

The sign-written van comes complete with a personalised plate - HB RESQ - a three-year, pre-paid service plan, a year's comprehensive insurance and a supply of diesel.

"Having such an eye-catching van will definitely raise the profile of the newly formed Charitable Trust formed in January," Flynn said.

"It is really important to thank the public for helping us get this far. Public help, donation and volunteers have helped us stick to the right protocols (regarding bird rescue) because every bird is different."

All up the team comprises of 10 volunteers including foster parents, and members of the public when they are free to take on birds.

"To have our volunteers' efforts recognised in such a positive, practical and helpful way is incredible. We're just stoked".